Corn Waste Turned Into Light Bulbs: The Future of Illumination

A new tech start-up is changing the way the world thinks about lightbulbs. We could be switching to biodegradable lighting very soon.

With a mission to reduce the ecological impact of the human race through technology, Sinergized, a tech start-up has launched a first of its class: an LED light bulb made from corn waste. The new light bulbs will be showcased when Sinergized takes a trip to Rise Conference in Hong Kong.</p><blockquote>"We believe the future should be bright and sustainable. And this the way to build it.” </blockquote><p>With a multicultural team headquartered in Shenzhen, China; this company has developed bio-based and biodegradable light bulbs from corn. These are not typical incandescent, or fluorescent bulbs. They are energy efficient, biodegradable, and stylish. So far, they are the most ecological bulbs in the world. We produce bulbs that consume 80% less energy than the standard incandescent light bulbs produced today and last far longer. Not only will these new light bulbs be more eco-friendly, they will also help users to save money on their energy bills and reduce their CO2 emissions. A spokesman for Sinergized said: “We are very proud of our product. We believe the future should be bright and sustainable. And this the way to build it.” This company has paid attention to every detail when making their bulbs. Their patented design helps the bulbs last longer and illuminate more space with a single bulb. The attention to detail didn’t stop there; this bulb is comprised of parts that are mostly biodegradable, or recyclable. Only 9.41% of each bulb is considered “waste”. While production is currently limited, people can invest in this company and product through their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which is set to begin in mid-July, 2015. To subscribe, contribute to their $20,000 goal, or find out more about their innovative products, please visit


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